Top 30 Shopify Furniture Stores – Elevate Your eCommerce Success

It’s known to us that furniture is a testament to artistry, functionality, and personal expression. If you’re an aspiring entrepreneur eager to create your mark in the furniture industry, Successful Shopify Sites offers the ideal platform to build your dream online store. With its user-friendly interface and robust features, Shopify empowers you to curate a unique shopping experience for customers seeking the latest and most innovative furniture products.

In this article, we’ll be your guide through the top 30 Shopify Furniture Stores. Together, we’ll explore the latest Furniture market trends, uncover niche-specific product subcategories ripe with potential, unveil strategies to boost traffic to your Shopify store and share effective product-selling tactics—all grounded in the invaluable insights from StoreLibrary Data.

So, prepare to embark on a journey into the world of furniture. We’re here to help you carve out a path to success in the dynamic and exciting furniture industry.

RankStore AddressTitleSimilarWebCountry
3bestchoiceproducts.comBCH – Best Choice Products1322US
6polyandbark.comPoly & Bark2041US
8surefit.comSure Fit2441US
9highfashionhome.comHigh Fashion Home2574US
10the-citizenry.comThe Citizenry3034US
11jonathanadler.comJonath Anadle3272US
12scandinaviandesigns.comScandinavian Designs3563US
15franceandson.comFrance & Son5157US
16pontoonstuff.comPontoon Stuff5656US
17relaxtheback.comRelax The Back6448US
18jubileefurniturelv.comJubilee Furniturelv6899US
20winkbeds.comWink Beds7884US
21gdfstudio.comGDF Studio8008US
22clubfurniture.comClub Furniture9859US
26insideweather.comInside Weather12670US
27royaldesignstudio.comRoyal Design Studio13758US
28premiertablelinens.comPremier Table Linens16535US
30danielhouse.clubDaniel House63362US
Top 30 Shopify Furniture Stores

1. Pier1

Pier1 - StoreLibrary Data

Pier1 is a well-known online Shopify furniture design store in the United States and Canada, offering high-quality home decor products at affordable prices. Since 1962, Pier1 Imports has been recognized for its diverse product selection and excellent customer service. Their furniture features unique craftsmanship, providing consumers with high-quality home decor elements. Various delivery options and multiple promotions make shopping easy and budget-friendly. Pier1 caters to consumers seeking distinctive furniture at competitive prices.

Pier1 - Shopify Furniture Store

Pier1 stands out for its brand history and customer service. Since 1962, the brand has gained a reputation for its diverse product selection and exceptional customer service. The website provides detailed contact information, reflecting the brand’s commitment to customer service and transparency. Pier1 offers high-quality home decor products, excellent customer service, and various promotions. Nonetheless, cautious shopping is advised to avoid potential risks.

2. 2Modern

2Modern - StoreLibrary Data

2Modern is an American modern design home brand founded in 2003, headquartered in Mill Valley, California. The brand has been extensively covered in media such as The New York Times, InStyle, and Elle Decor for its unique designer lighting and furniture. Founder Greg Finney’s vision was to bring unique modern design homes from around the world to a wider audience, offering a product line that includes furniture, lighting, and home accessories. Check our 2Modern review here.

2Modern - Shopify Furniture Store

One of 2Modern’s popular items is the Bernhardt Santa Barbara Sleigh Bed, known for its luxurious wooden frame headboard and footboard, fabric panels, and neutral colors. Customer reviews on the brand’s website emphasize the enjoyable shopping experience and exquisite modern design furniture. Customer feedback indicates that the brand excels in customer service, with praise for its efficient customer support team and professional attitude.

2Modern provides unique selections, free domestic U.S. delivery, and a convenient 30-day return policy, making online shopping hassle-free. Considering customers’ satisfaction with new home furniture, especially within a budget, 2Modern appears to be an ideal choice for many shoppers.

3. BCH – Best Choice Products

BCH - Best Choice Products - StoreLibrary Data

BCH – Best Choice Products (BCP) operates in the competitive furniture industry, offering a diverse range of products for homes and gardens. This industry has seen significant growth, driven by consumers’ increasing interest in home improvement, outdoor living, and interior design. BCP’s product classification includes outdoor furniture, patio sets, home decor, and toys and games for children.

BCP employs a strategic pricing strategy by providing a wide range of products at different price points, catering to various customer budgets. They offer both affordable options and premium products like the 7-Piece Modular Wicker Sectional Conversation Set and the Adjustable Acacia Wood Chaise Lounge Chair. Their “Best Seller” label on selected products helps guide customers to popular and high-quality items.

 BCH - Best Choice Products - Shopify Furniture Store

The company’s website metrics, including a store rank of 1322, total visits of 396.68K, pages per visit of 3.16, and an average visit duration of 00:02:52, indicate a strong online presence and customer engagement. BCP has established itself as a significant player in the e-commerce furniture market, with estimated monthly sales in the range of 6M – 10M.

BCP’s success lies in its ability to simplify the shopping experience for customers by offering expert-selected collections. By focusing on the intersection of functionality and style, they provide solutions that resonate with consumers’ needs and preferences. Their commitment to developing inspired products for creating memorable moments aligns with the industry’s trend of customers seeking both aesthetics and functionality in their furniture choices.

4. Leesa

Leesa - StoreLibrary Data

Leesa is a recognized online furniture ecommerce store known for its high-quality mattress products. Their signature product, the Leesa Original mattress, is delivered conveniently compressed and rolled to customers’ doorsteps, loved by consumers for its distinctive style and neutral sleeping experience. The mattress has a minimalist appearance, comfortable and breathable covering fabric, and the neutral response and elasticity offer customers a good sleep experience.

Leesa - Shopify Furniture Store

The Leesa Original mattress adopts a three-layer structure, with supportive foam, memory foam, and cooling foam working together to provide pressure relief and neutral support. The brand’s hallmark lies in its attention to quality and design, investing in durable materials and rigorous testing to ensure mattress quality. Different mattress styles cater to different customer needs, offering variety from the Original to the Hybrid to the Luxury models. You can also check more on our Leesa Mattress Review.

The best Shopify furniture store has gained widespread recognition for its diverse products, quality focus, and design innovation. Whether for users seeking a neutral sleep experience or consumers looking for elevated comfort, Leesa has created a satisfying sleep experience with exceptional performance.

5. Dormify

Dormify - StoreLibrary Data

Dormify, a popular dormitory and home decor brand, garners favor for its creative and personalized style. Excelling in bedding, their products are well worth the investment. The brand doesn’t solely focus on the products themselves; it also offers personalized decor solutions, empowering customers to showcase unique taste and style even within limited spaces.

Dormify - Shopify Furniture Store

Founded on dissatisfaction with dorm decor options, Dormify aims to provide diverse dorm decor choices for college students. The brand’s emphasis lies in offering personalized decor solutions for small spaces, enabling customers to express their unique taste within limited areas. Additionally, the brand prioritizes providing high-quality service. While some reviews might be contentious, the majority of customers express high satisfaction with the brand. Dormify’s diverse product lines, personalized decor concepts, and high-quality products have garnered extensive recognition. Whether for dorms or home decor, Dormify creates unique and achievable decor solutions for customers.

6. Poly & Bark

Poly & Bark - StoreLibrary Data

Poly & Bark is a leading name among the best Shopify furniture stores, known for its exceptional quality and affordable prices. This Shopify furniture design store is dedicated to providing value-driven options. With a focus on using full-grain leather in their sofa production, Poly & Bark ensures customers have a satisfying experience. This commitment to quality makes Poly & Bark a top choice among the best Shopify furniture stores.

Poly & Bark - Shopify Furniture Store

With a diverse collection of high-quality, reasonably priced furniture, particularly in the realm of leather products, Poly & Bark is undoubtedly among the best Shopify furniture stores. Not only do they offer a variety of options, but their innovative approach to furniture manufacturing sets them apart from other Shopify furniture stores and you can learn more information on our Poly and Bark Reviews. Despite occasional shipping challenges, the majority of customers hold a positive view of their products and services, solidifying Poly & Bark’s position as one of the best Shopify furniture stores.

7. Ruggable

Ruggable - StoreLibrary Data

Ruggable Furniture Store specializes in offering high-quality, easy-to-maintain home rugs (check our Ruggable reviews here), creating comfortable and durable living environments for customers. As a widely recognized home brand, Ruggable’s rugs stand out with their unique machine-washable design, capable of handling real-life challenges such as goldfish crumbs, spilled milk, and pet hair. Moreover, the practicality of these rugs shines in family spaces like children’s rooms and play areas, providing floor protection along with stylish aesthetics and comfort.

Ruggable - Shopify Furniture Store

User reviews demonstrate that Ruggable Furniture Store’s rugs excel at tackling liquid stains caused by children and pets, with the machine-wash feature being efficient and convenient, greatly aiding in home cleanliness. However, issues like curling edges and placement difficulties are also mentioned in the reviews. Nonetheless, the best Shopify furniture store continuously improves its product design, such as adding silicone triangles to prevent curling, displaying a proactive response to user feedback. The brand’s high quality, convenient machine-washing, and diverse styles attract numerous users. Whether seeking quality or appearance, Ruggable rugs offer an ideal choice.

8. Sure Fit

Sure Fit - StoreLibrary Data

Sure Fit Inc. operates in the competitive furniture industry and offers a wide range of home furniture products. This industry has seen notable growth due to increasing consumer interest in home improvement and interior design. Customers are looking for functional and aesthetically pleasing solutions to enhance their living spaces, making it an opportune time for companies like Sure Fit.

Sure Fit’s product classification spans the home and garden category, providing consumers with a variety of home décor items. They offer over 1,000 products directly through their website, catering to diverse customer preferences and needs. Their product offerings include comforter quilts, such as the Simply Clean by Serta® line, which showcases a blend of style and comfort.

Sure Fit - Shopify Furniture Store

In terms of pricing strategy, Sure Fit appears to implement a competitive pricing approach. They offer regular prices along with discounted rates, making their products accessible to a broad range of consumers. This strategy allows them to remain competitive in the market and attract budget-conscious shoppers.

The website metrics, including a store rank of 2441, 216.86K total visits, 3.57 pages per visit, and an average visit duration of 00:02:30, suggest a strong online presence and customer engagement. Sure Fit has effectively positioned itself in the e-commerce space within the furniture category.

9. High Fashion Home

High Fashion Home - StoreLibrary Data

High Fashion Home is an online furniture store with a strong focus on design. It curates a diverse range of furniture, home decor, and textiles. Painstakingly curated from multiple designers and manufacturers, the store covers a broad spectrum of styles and designs, catering to diverse tastes and preferences. The store offers a wide variety of products, spanning every corner of a home, including living rooms, bedrooms, dining rooms, offices, and outdoor spaces. From sofas, chairs, and tables, to lighting, rugs, wall art, bedding, and kitchenware, the choices are abundant. They even provide custom options for fabrics and decorations for certain furniture, creating unique decor solutions for customers.

High Fashion Home - Shopify Furniture Store

High Fashion Home also shares design concepts, interior decor trends, and styling tips through its blog, providing customers with more inspiration and information. However, the store’s logistical services are somewhat limited, currently supporting only local deliveries within the United States and displaying a limited number of products on its website. This might to some extent affect customers’ choices. Overall, High Fashion Home, with its diverse product range, various styles, and professional design services, offers customers high-quality furniture and home decor resources. It’s particularly suitable for consumers within the United States seeking a variety of high-quality products.

When redecorating your living space, it’s a good practice to read High Fashion Home Reviews to gather insights on the quality and design of their furniture and decor items.

10. The Citizenry

The Citizenry is a brand that thrives in the furniture industry, aligning itself with the current market trend of ethical and sustainable home goods. As consumers become more conscientious about their purchasing choices, there is a growing demand for products that have a soulful story and a purpose, and The Citizenry successfully taps into this trend.

The store’s product classification revolves around handmade, artisanal home goods and décor sourced from around the world. These products are characterized by their neutral tones and aesthetic appeal, which resonate with modern consumers seeking stylish and sustainable living spaces.

The Citizenry - Shopify Furniture Store

The Citizenry employs a unique selling price strategy by cutting out middlemen in the supply chain, allowing them to offer high-quality, handmade goods at more reasonable prices than traditional luxury boutiques. This strategy aligns with the trend of direct-to-consumer (DTC) sales, which has gained momentum in recent years.

The feasibility of selling The Citizenry’s products is high due to several factors. Firstly, the brand’s commitment to sustainable business practices and fair wages appeals to socially-conscious consumers. Secondly, their strong social media presence, particularly on platforms like Instagram, helps in reaching a wider audience and showcasing their aesthetically pleasing products. Lastly, the emphasis on storytelling and the craftsmanship of artisans creates a unique selling proposition that sets them apart in the competitive furniture industry.

11. Jonath Anadle

Jonath Anadle - StoreLibrary Data

Jonathan Adler is a Top Shopify Furniture Store known for its “über-chic” furniture and home decor. The brand encompasses a wide range of items, from chairs and lounges to dining tables and ceramics, catering to various interior design aesthetics, including contemporary, minimalistic, and urban modern styles. The brand’s founder, Jonathan Adler, is a renowned potter, writer, and interior designer with over 853,000 followers on Instagram, attracting attention from various media outlets.

Jonath Anadle - Shopify Furniture Store

Highlighting the brand’s distinctive design philosophy is the popular “Talitha” cabinet. This piece of furniture stands out with its unique sunburst pattern and impeccable craftsmanship. Customer reviews are generally positive, praising Jonathan Adler’s exquisite furniture craftsmanship and reliable quality. Consumers express satisfaction with discovering unique home elements and the brand’s customer service.

Jonathan Adler, as a unique furniture brand, is a choice worth considering. Its handmade craftsmanship and distinctive designs offer valuable options for consumers seeking unique home decor. If you’re in search of distinctive furniture and home decor pieces, Jonathan Adler is an excellent choice.

12. Scandinavian Designs

Scandinavian Designs - StoreLibrary Data

Scandinavian Designs is a standout among the top Shopify furniture stores that focus on the beauty of simplicity and modernity. This Shopify furniture design store offers a wide array of home furnishings, from classic sectional sofas to beds and dressing tables. Renowned for its quality craftsmanship, Scandinavian Designs is undoubtedly among the best Shopify furniture stores. With more than 30 furniture showrooms, it consistently ranks high on the list of the top Shopify furniture stores.

Scandinavian Designs - Shopify Furniture Store

As one of the best Shopify furniture stores, Scandinavian Designs attracts customers with its combination of affordability and high-quality wooden furniture. Operating over 35 stores, their commitment to providing value is evident, especially when it comes to the price-to-value ratio and the overall furniture shopping experience. The brand’s dedication to delivering affordable yet high-quality furniture, especially their signature wooden pieces, sets them apart from other Shopify furniture stores. Rooted in the inspiration of Nordic living, Scandinavian Designs produces beautifully designed and well-crafted furniture. From both a quality and design perspective, Scandinavian Designs stands out as one of the best Shopify furniture stores.

13. Taotronics

Taotronics - StoreLibrary Data

TaoTronics’ product classification primarily focuses on the home electronics sector. They offer a range of innovative tech gadgets, including bedside tables with charging stations, gaming desks, storage chests, coffee tables, and console tables. These products exemplify the perfect fusion of modern aesthetics with highly intuitive technology, showcasing the company’s passion for creating excellent and storytelling home products.

TaoTronics adopts a competitive product pricing strategy. They often provide discounts on their products, making them more affordable for a wider range of consumers. This strategy aligns with the current trend in the furniture industry, where affordability and value for money are key considerations.

When searching for reliable and innovative electronics, it’s recommended to seek out a Taotronics Review to gain insights into the performance and features of their products.

Taotronics - Shopify Furniture Store

The outlook for selling TaoTronics products appears promising. With a strong online presence and a global sales volume, they have established a reputation for delivering quality and innovation. They consistently incorporate the latest technology into their products to ensure they remain appealing. Furthermore, their pricing strategy positions their products competitively in the market. Overall, TaoTronics seems to have positioned themselves favorably to continue thriving in the furniture industry, catering to consumers seeking cutting-edge yet affordable solutions.

14. Ettitude

Ettitude - StoreLibrary Data

Ettitude is a Los Angeles-based sustainable bedding and bathware ecommerce company specializing in 100% organic cotton products. They proudly describe their products as having a touch better than silk, becoming even softer with each wash. Ettitude’s signature product, the Signature Sateen bedsheets, is made from 100% bamboo lyocell fiber, an eco-friendly material that surpasses the touch of most sheets. Furthermore, the sheets are OEKO-TEX STANDARD 100 certified, ensuring harmlessness. Customers generally praise the softness, silkiness, and cooling properties of these sheets, especially suitable for those who prefer a cool sleep environment.

Ettitude - Shopify Furniture Store

Overall, Ettitude has established an excellent reputation in the sustainable bedding market as one of the best Shopify furniture stores, due to its unique bamboo fiber material, sustainability commitment, and high-quality products. Whether it’s comfortable bedsheets, bathrobes, or cooling blankets, Ettitude’s products offer consumers stylish, eco-friendly, and comfortable choices.

When considering eco-friendly bedding options, it’s a good idea to read Ettitude Reviews to learn more about the comfort, sustainability, and customer satisfaction with their products.

15. France & Son

France & Son - StoreLibrary Data

France & Son is a highly regarded online furniture ecommerce store that stands out for its diverse furniture designs and extensive product selection. As a significant force in the designer furniture field, they offer various furniture designs and decorative accessories, providing customers with abundant choices to meet various interior design styles.

France & Son - Shopify Furniture Store

The top Shopify furniture store has unique product supply chains in various types of furniture designs, offering customers a wide range of choices. While there are some challenges, with improvements in logistics, supply chains, quality control, and customer service, France & Son can still maintain a significant presence in the designer furniture market.

Consumers can balance France & Son’s diverse product selection and some challenges based on their needs and considerations. This store provides an opportunity for customers to select furniture and accessories that suit their interior design, while also reminding them of the need for continuous improvement to provide a better shopping experience.

When searching for unique and stylish furniture pieces, it’s a wise decision to check Select Frances and Son Reviews to ensure you’re making an informed choice about the quality and aesthetics of their products.

16. Pontoon Stuff

Pontoon Stuff - StoreLibrary Data

Pontoon Stuff is centered around affordability and accessibility. Founded on the principle that rebuilding a pontoon boat should be cost-effective, they offer factory-grade pontoon furniture, flooring, and parts to help customers achieve a refreshed pontoon boat experience without breaking the bank.

Their product classification revolves around replacement pontoon boat seats, with a focus on providing everything necessary for pontoon restoration. They take pride in selling more replacement pontoon boat seats than all other retailers combined, indicating their dominance in this niche market.

Pontoon Stuff - Shopify Furniture Store

The company’s pricing strategy appears to be aimed at affordability. By designing, building, and selling their pontoon boat seats directly, they can invest in quality while maintaining competitive prices. This strategy aligns with the industry trend of offering value to consumers.

Pontoon Stuff’s feasibility in selling these products is promising. Their long-standing presence in the market since 2005, coupled with an impressive track record of assisting over 200,000 customers with pontoon restorations, showcases their expertise. They control their products’ quality and stock them in facilities in Elkhart, IN, and Dalton, GA. Additionally, their shift towards their own DeckMate brand of pontoon furniture in 2012 indicates adaptability and a commitment to superior quality.

17. Relax The Back

Relax The Back - StoreLibrary Data

Relax The Back is one of the notable Shopify furniture stores, specializing in ergonomic furniture. This Shopify furniture design store is renowned for its range of offerings, including office chairs, massage equipment, lumbar support cushions, and comfortable recliners. It stands out among the best Shopify furniture stores due to its emphasis on superior back support and pain relief. Their collection includes diverse options like zero-gravity chairs, massage chairs, and recliners, making them a top choice in the world of Shopify furniture stores.

Relax The Back - Shopify Furniture Store

With a history dating back to the 1980s, Relax The Back, as one of the top Shopify furniture stores, has a legacy of commitment to alleviating back pain and providing ergonomic support. Operating through more than 80 branches, this brand offers a variety of products, ranging from budget-friendly DIY massage tools and pillows to high-end furniture like zero-gravity chairs and massage chairs. Their sturdy constructions and comfort-focused designs distinguish them from other Shopify furniture stores. The positive feedback from customers further establishes their reputation as one of the best Shopify furniture stores. While there have been rare complaints about durability, Relax The Back remains a top choice for customers seeking quality products and excellent service.

18. Jubilee Furniture

Jubilee Furniture - StoreLibrary Data

Jubilee Furniture, headquartered in Las Vegas, NV, USA, operates in the highly competitive furniture industry, specializing in the global distribution of custom-designed futuristic furniture. With a store rank of 6899 and over 108,000 total visits, Jubilee Furniture has established a notable online presence.

The product classification at Jubilee Furniture centers around custom-designed futuristic furniture. They emphasize blending craftsmanship with modern technology to create high-quality, premium products. Their focus is on modular, functional, and minimalist styles, allowing customers to customize their preferences, from modern to contemporary and futuristic designs.

Jubilee Furniture - Shopify Furniture Store

Jubilee Furniture’s pricing strategy appears to be oriented towards offering premium-quality products. Their furniture pieces, such as the Steinfield Tech Smart Coffee Table V2, are priced at a higher range, starting at $1,099.00, with some items on sale. While this pricing strategy may target a more niche market looking for unique and high-tech furniture, it may limit mass-market appeal due to the higher price points.

The feasibility of selling Jubilee Furniture’s products depends on their ability to target a specific audience seeking custom-designed futuristic furniture. Their commitment to craftsmanship, innovation, and environmental responsibility can be selling points to appeal to eco-conscious and design-savvy customers. Additionally, their emphasis on exemplary customer service aligns with providing a seamless online shopping experience.

19. Sit’n Sleep

Sit’n Sleep - StoreLibrary Data

Sit ‘n Sleep, headquartered in Gardena, California, is a prominent player in the home and garden category of the furniture industry. With a store rank of 7674 and substantial monthly visits, their online presence is notable.

The market trend in the furniture industry has seen a growing emphasis on sleep science and customer satisfaction. Sit ‘n Sleep capitalizes on this trend by offering bedMATCH technology, which uses precise calculations to recommend the right mattress based on individual needs. This commitment to sleep science sets them apart in the market.

Their product classification primarily revolves around bedroom furniture, including mattresses, bed frames, and bedding accessories. Notably, they offer personalized mattress recommendations through bedMATCH, aligning with the increasing demand for customized sleep solutions.

Sit’n Sleep - Shopify Furniture Store

Sit ‘n Sleep employs a competitive product pricing strategy, evident in their “WE’LL BEAT ANYONE’S ADVERTISED PRICE OR YOUR MATTRESS IS FREEE!!!”™ offer. This pricing approach aims to attract budget-conscious shoppers while ensuring quality sleep products.

The feasibility of selling Sit ‘n Sleep products depends on consumer preferences for personalized sleep solutions and competitive pricing. Their focus on sleep science and the 120-night sleep trial offer a compelling value proposition. However, the challenge lies in maintaining a competitive edge in a crowded market.

20. WinkBeds

WinkBeds - StoreLibrary Data

WinkBeds, based in Miami, FL, USA, is a prominent player in the furniture industry, with a website ranking of 7884 and substantial monthly visits of 287.69K. They operate in the Furniture category, focusing on mattresses and bedding products. Read more detailed information in the WinkBeds review.

The market trend in the furniture industry has been shifting towards customer-centric approaches, emphasizing quality, comfort, and personalized sleep solutions. WinkBeds’ product classification primarily revolves around mattresses and related bedding accessories. Their emphasis on using high-quality materials and handcrafting mattresses suggests a focus on premium and luxury segments of the market.

WinkBeds - Shopify Furniture Store

In terms of price strategy, WinkBeds appears to position itself in the mid-to-high price range, with estimated monthly sales ranging from 3M to 5M USD. While they may not compete solely on price, their commitment to quality and customer service justifies their pricing strategy.

The feasibility of selling WinkBeds’ products relies on the demand for premium mattresses and the willingness of consumers to invest in quality sleep solutions. With their customer-centric approach and strong online presence, WinkBeds is well-positioned to thrive in the market. However, competition is fierce, and they must continually innovate and meet evolving customer expectations to maintain their edge. In summary, WinkBeds’ focus on quality and service aligns with industry trends, and their products hold potential for success in the competitive furniture market.

21. GDF Studio

GDF Studio - StoreLibrary Data

GDF Studio is a popular online furniture retailer that has earned widespread recognition for its affordable, easy-to-assemble, and beautifully designed furniture collections. The brand cleverly combines the advantages of furniture stores and e-commerce, offering customers a high-quality shopping experience. The furniture is not only easy to assemble but also boasts excellent quality and durability, reflecting the brand’s commitment to excellence. Also check our GDF Studio Reviews to find more information.

GDF Studio - Shopify Furniture Store

GDF Studio’s products receive high praise from users. Customers commend the furniture’s ease of assembly and high quality, finding that its design complements existing furniture, catering to various decor styles. With outstanding furniture design, easy assembly features, and excellent customer service, GDF Studio has become an ideal choice for home shopping. Whether it’s the shopping process or product quality, GDF Studio has earned customers high recognition.

22. Club Furniture

Club Furniture - StoreLibrary Data

Club Furniture, based in Charlotte, North Carolina, operates in the competitive home and garden category within the furniture industry. With a store rank of 9859, they receive around 53.64K monthly visits. Established in 2018, they have an estimated monthly sales range of 101k – 200k.

The current trend in the furniture industry leans toward affordable luxury and personalized service, which aligns with Club Furniture’s approach. They aim to provide the style, comfort, and quality of high-end retailers like Pottery Barn, Restoration Hardware, Crate & Barrel, and Ethan Allen but at more affordable prices with exceptional customer service. So is Club Furniture worth it? Check our recent guide.

Product classification at Club Furniture includes a range of luxury furniture items such as leather recliners, fabric sofas, club chairs, and dining sets. They focus on offering hand-crafted, custom home furnishings made in the USA, emphasizing American quality and value.

Club Furniture - Shopify Furniture Store

Club Furniture’s price strategy appears to target customers seeking quality furniture without the exorbitant price tags associated with high-end retailers. They frequently offer discounts, making luxury furniture more accessible to a broader customer base. Their commitment to affordability extends to financing options, further enhancing their value proposition.

The feasibility of selling Club Furniture’s products seems positive, given their focus on personalized service, affordability, and the demand for high-quality furniture at reasonable prices. However, they operate in a competitive market, so they need to continually emphasize their unique selling points and maintain the quality and service that sets them apart.

23. Luxdeco

Luxdeco - StoreLibrary Data

LuxDeco, founded in 2012, is a global-leading interior marketplace that provides customers with unique interior designs and shopping experiences. The brand brings together thousands of products from over 200 top interior brands worldwide, featuring everything from furniture to decorative items, all showcased on a meticulously curated platform.

The brand is characterized by outstanding designs, excellent quality, and a wide array of colors, enabling customers to freely assemble product combinations that align with their personal tastes. Through inspirational content, podcasts, and trend features, LuxDeco empowers customers to create beautiful living spaces worldwide.

Luxdeco - Shopify Furniture Store

LuxDeco places a strong emphasis on service, offering transparent international delivery policies to provide high-quality delivery services for global customers. Additionally, the brand prioritizes customer experience, aiming to provide diverse design choices that bring unique decorative elements to customers. Through exceptional design, an extensive product selection, and global delivery, LuxDeco becomes an ideal choice for modern home design.

24. Modernica

Modernica - StoreLibrary Data

Modernica Inc, headquartered in Los Angeles, California, is a notable player in the furniture industry. With a store rank of 10668 and monthly sales estimated between 201k – 300k, they have made a significant mark in the home furniture category.

Modernica’s unique selling proposition lies in its dedication to preserving and revitalizing the art of high-pressure fiberglass molding, which had almost been lost. They handcraft each piece of furniture at their five-acre campus in Los Angeles, showcasing their commitment to quality and craftsmanship.

Their product classification revolves around chairs and beds, particularly known for their iconic shell chairs and solid wood beds. Modernica takes pride in adhering to the original tactile qualities, textures, and characteristics of the fiberglass shell chairs, producing them with historic equipment and an eye for authenticity. This dedication to preserving the heritage of the chair adds a unique appeal to their products.

Modernica - Shopify Furniture Store

In terms of pricing strategy, Modernica offers occasional discounts, making their high-quality, handcrafted furniture more accessible to a broader audience. The flexibility to choose from a range of shell colors and chair base options adds to the appeal of customization, catering to individual style and needs.

The feasibility of selling Modernica’s products is quite promising. Their focus on quality, authenticity, and customization aligns with the trend of consumers seeking unique and heritage-inspired furniture pieces. However, they may benefit from enhancing their online presence to reach a wider audience, given the competitive nature of the furniture industry. Overall, Modernica’s commitment to craftsmanship and preservation of tradition positions them well in the market.

25. Shabby Chic

Shabby Chic - StoreLibrary Data

Shabby Chic, based in Carson, California, operates in the Home & Garden category with a store rank of 10917 and estimated monthly sales ranging from 201k – 300k. Founded before 2018, Shabby Chic embodies a unique philosophy of design centered around creating timeless pieces in both quality and aesthetics.

The product classification of Shabby Chic revolves around vintage and antique-inspired furniture and decor items. Their offerings include vintage chairs, Florentine stands, coffee tables, and more. The emphasis on vintage aesthetics and the use of phrases like “Vintage White Chair” and “Vintage Turquoise Coffee Table” suggests a focus on nostalgia and classic design.

Shabby Chic - Shopify Furniture Store

Shabby Chic employs a premium pricing strategy for their products, reflecting the quality and longevity of their merchandise. Customers often find that the items are well-made and durable, which aligns with the market trend of consumers seeking high-quality, long-lasting furniture and decor. However, there is a noted concern about the online customer service experience, which could impact customer loyalty and satisfaction.

The feasibility of selling Shabby Chic products depends on the target market. Their vintage-inspired items cater to those with an appreciation for classic aesthetics and a willingness to invest in quality pieces. Given the popularity of vintage and shabby chic design trends, there is a niche audience for such products. To enhance their online presence, Shabby Chic could consider improving their customer service to ensure a seamless shopping experience and maintain customer loyalty. Overall, Shabby Chic’s focus on timeless design and quality positions them well in the industry.

26. Inside Weather

Inside Weather - StoreLibrary Data

Inside Weather is an online Shopify furniture store that specializes in custom furniture. Established in 2018 and headquartered in the Sacramento area of California, Inside Weather was founded by Andy Beering and Susan Dalton, and all operations have been based in California. They aim to create home decor that aligns perfectly with individual preferences by offering customers an extensive range of customization options. The brand excels in custom furniture, a free sample program, and an impressive 365-day return policy, providing customers with flexibility and choices. You can also check more detailed information in our Inside Weather review.

Inside Weather - Shopify Furniture Store

Inside Weather has received praise for its exceptional customer service and efficient delivery times. Customers appreciate the professionalism and efficiency of the brand’s staff, as well as the straightforward assembly process and reliable quality of its products. Additionally, the brand’s prompt delivery has garnered positive feedback, enhancing the overall shopping experience. Overall, Inside Weather has established a positive reputation among consumers for its custom furniture, free sample program, excellent customer service, and efficient delivery, making it a reliable consideration.

27. Royal Design Studio

Royal Design Studio - StoreLibrary Data

Royal Design Studio Stencils, a leader in the decorative wall stencils industry, offers a diverse range of designer-quality stencils, decorative painting tools, and educational resources. This California-based company serves professional decorative painters, interior designers, and home decorators, aiming to empower customers with the means to infuse creativity and customization into their living spaces and projects.

In terms of pricing, the store offers a range of products, making them accessible to both professionals and DIY enthusiasts. Their competitive pricing strategy, combined with innovative techniques and a wealth of educational resources, positions them well in the market.

Royal Design Studio - Shopify Furniture Store

The market trend in the home and interior design industry leans towards customization and personalization. Royal Design Studio’s focus on empowering customers to enhance their living environments aligns with this trend. With an active online presence and monthly sales estimates ranging from 51k to 100k USD, the company is well-positioned to cater to a growing demand for creative and customizable interior design solutions.

28. Premier Table Linens

Premier Table Linens - StoreLibrary Data

Premier Table Linens, based in Miami, FL, is a prominent player in the Furniture industry, specializing in table linens and related products. The store offers a wide range of table linens, including tablecloths, overlays, napkins, fitted tablecloths, table runners, chair covers, sashes, curtains, hanging spandex sails, and wedding aisle runners. They take pride in catering to various customer segments, from banquet halls, brides, and party rental stores to event planners, hospitality establishments, hotels, resorts, and more.

Premier Table Linens - Shopify Furniture Store

One of the notable aspects of Premier Table Linens is its founder, Tony Cueto, who identified a market need while working as a show director for major conventions. The store’s product classification is extensive, with 111 different fabrics and over 300 tablecloth prints available. They offer custom sizes and cater to both retail and wholesale markets, emphasizing competitive pricing. Premier Table Linens is dedicated to providing cost-effective solutions for various occasions, from large-scale events to individual home decor needs.

Their commitment to quality and affordability has earned them recognition, including the 2023 WeddingWire Couples’ Choice Awards, a testament to their excellence in serving the wedding and special events industry. With estimated monthly sales in the range of $201,000 to $300,000, Premier Table Linens has established itself as a reputable and cost-conscious supplier in the table linen market. Their ability to accommodate orders of any size positions them well to continue thriving in the industry.

29. Songmics

Songmics - StoreLibrary Data

SONGMICS HOME, based in Rancho Cucamonga, California, operates as a multi-brand platform offering a wide array of home and garden products. The store encompasses several brands, each with its unique appeal and product offerings. These include SONGMICS, focused on functional home furnishings, VASAGLE, known for chic and stylish furniture, and FEANDREA, specializing in pet supplies.

In today’s furniture industry, versatility and diversity are key trends. Consumers are seeking a range of options that cater to various lifestyles and preferences. SONGMICS HOME recognizes this trend and has structured its business to provide a comprehensive and seamless shopping experience, offering products that appeal to a wide customer base.

Songmics - Shopify Furniture Store

Their commitment to quality and affordability is evident in their pricing strategy. By optimizing the production and delivery process, they aim to provide customers with quality furnishings at competitive prices. This pricing strategy aligns with the current market trend of value-conscious consumers looking for both style and affordability.

SONGMICS HOME places customer satisfaction at the forefront of its operations. Their dedication to creating a gratifying shopping journey and valuing customer feedback sets them apart. In an industry where customer experience and product variety matter, their approach is poised for success.

30. Daniel House Club

Daniel House Club - StoreLibrary Data

Daniel House Club emerges in response to a transformative trend in the furniture industry, driven by a focus on empowering interior designers to maximize their creativity and profitability. The market trend in the design industry is shifting towards simplification, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness. Designers are seeking streamlined processes that allow them to dedicate more time to creative aspects and less to logistics.

The product classification at Daniel House Club revolves around offering designers a one-stop platform for sourcing a wide range of products required for their projects. This simplifies the procurement process, making it more convenient and time-efficient for designers.

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The store’s pricing strategy focuses on providing attractive trade discounts to its members, allowing them to build healthier profit margins. This pricing strategy aligns with the market trend where designers are looking for cost-effective solutions without compromising quality.

Daniel House Club - Shopify Furniture Store

The feasibility of selling products through the Daniel House Club appears promising, especially for small designers and firms. By addressing the common challenges of product sourcing and logistics management, the platform enables designers to concentrate on their creative endeavors. Furthermore, the flat shipping terms and discounted pricing contribute to cost savings and increased profitability.

The platform’s commission structure, which rewards designers when clients make purchases, adds an innovative touch to its business model. It encourages designers to leverage the platform not only for sourcing but also for facilitating transactions with their clients.

In summary, Daniel House Club capitalizes on the evolving market trend in the design industry by providing a user-friendly platform that simplifies product sourcing and logistics. This approach aligns with the needs of interior designers seeking greater efficiency and profitability, making it a valuable resource for professionals in the field.

Conclusion of Shopify Furniture Stores

The furniture industry is a canvas of possibilities, and with the right strategies, your Shopify store can become a masterpiece of success. As you’ve learned, staying attuned to market trends, delving into lucrative product subcategories, implementing innovative traffic-boosting techniques, and mastering the art of selling furniture are the keys to success.

In your quest to furnish the future, remember the importance of craftsmanship, quality, and customer satisfaction. By harnessing the insights provided by StoreLibrary Data and infusing your passion for furniture into your Shopify store, you can create a brand that resonates with customers seeking the perfect pieces to complete their homes.

Your journey to becoming a furniture e-commerce connoisseur begins now. Embrace the world of design, functionality, and style, and start crafting a future where your Shopify store is a destination for those seeking exquisite furniture solutions. Carve your success story in the furniture industry, one beautifully crafted piece at a time. Your path to excellence starts here!

Selling Furniture on Shopify Stores: FAQs

What Are the Advantages of Entering the Shopify Furniture Market?

There is a consistent and healthy demand for furniture from consumers. The furniture market has shown growth even during economic downturns, with the home goods market valued at over $65 billion in the US alone. The global furniture market is predicted to reach $718.3 billion by 2025. The recent growth in online furniture sales is driven by factors such as remote work trends and home upgrades.

How Competitive Is the Online Furniture Market for Shopify Stores?

The online furniture market is highly competitive, with over 3,000 online furniture retailers and strong competition from established brands like IKEA and Wayfair. Not only must you compete with other dropshippers, but also with major brands and third-party platforms like Amazon and Etsy.

What Flexibility Does the Furniture Market Offer for Online Businesses?

The furniture market is vast, allowing you to target various niches. Dropshipping offers flexibility to quickly adapt to emerging trends, whether focusing on residential or office furniture, catering to specific niches, or offering outdoor furniture. You can specialize in different sizes, materials, and even resell dropshipped furniture. Related: How to Resell on Amazon to Make Money

Are There Challenges in Selling Furniture Online?

Selling furniture online can be challenging due to lower conversion rates (average of 0.68%) compared to other product categories. High-value items require more consideration from buyers, making it harder to earn their trust for expensive purchases. Building customer trust is essential, especially for pricier items.

What Challenges Are Associated with Shipping Furniture Online?

Shipping furniture presents challenges due to size, weight, and cost. Shipping carriers charge more for large and heavy packages. Damages during transit can lead to customer dissatisfaction and revenue loss due to refunds.

How Does the Profitability of Furniture Sales Differ from Other Products?

While furniture conversion might be challenging, the median gross profit margin for furniture is around 31%. With higher AOV and profit margins, you don’t need as many sales to sustain your business. Fewer orders mean fewer support queries and returns, streamlining operations.

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