Top 30 Shopify Apparel Stores – Inspire Success in Your Clothing Business

Apparel fashion is a captivating blend of art, culture, and commerce, and it’s a realm that’s constantly evolving. If you’re an aspiring entrepreneur looking to dive into the apparel industry and set up your own Shopify store, you’re in for an exhilarating journey. Shopify, a platform renowned for its versatility and scalability, offers the perfect runway with Shopify-powered websites for you to showcase your fashion-forward ideas to the world.

In this article, we’ll take you on a guided tour through the thriving landscape of the apparel industry according to top 30 Shopify apparel stores. We’ll explore the latest market trends that will keep you ahead of the curve, delve into niche-specific product subcategories that are making waves, unveil strategies to turbocharge traffic to your store, and share tried-and-true product selling tactics—all backed by the invaluable insights from StoreLibrary Data.

So, get ready to step into the glamorous world of fashion e-commerce and discover how to tailor your Shopify store for success in the ever-evolving apparel industry.

RankStore AddressTitleSimilarWebCountry
1stevemadden.comSteve Madden58US
2neweracap.comNew Era Cap120US
4goodamerican.comGood American134US
5gruntstyle.comGrunt Style143US
6unique-vintage.comUnique Vintage157US
7ohpolly.comOh Polly171GB
8fashionnova.comFashion Nova173US
9killstar.comKill Star205GB
10hellomolly.comHello Molly209US
11juicycouture.comJuicy Couture210US
12frankiesbikinis.comFrankies Bikinis221US
13shopthemint.comShop The Mint228US
14motelrocks.comMotel Rocks235GB
15draperjames.comDraper James268US
16beginningboutique.comBeginning Boutique285US Kings304AU Official Store378US
19balticborn.comBaltic Born414US
20ever-pretty.comEver Pretty462US
21windsorstore.comWindsor Store474US
22pinklily.comPink Lily525US
24camillelavie.comCamille Lavie544US
26aloyoga.comAlo Yoga551US
2712thtribe.com12th Tribe582US
30pinupgirlclothing.comPinup Girl665US
Top 30 Shopify Apparel Stores

1. Steve Madden

Steve Madden - StoreLibrary Data

Steve Madden is a renowned American fashion brand established in 1990, specializing in footwear and accessories. The brand is known for its fashion-forward designs and diverse styles, with footwear typically made from quality materials and offered at affordable prices, making it a Top Shopify Apparel Store.

The aesthetic of the brand’s designs is influenced by current fashion trends, allowing it to swiftly adapt to the ever-changing fashion landscape. From flats, boots, and heels to sandals, the Steve Madden footwear collection encompasses a wide array of colors, patterns, and materials to cater to consumers’ individualized preferences. Whether for fashion enthusiasts or those seeking footwear for special occasions, Steve Madden has offerings that meet their needs.

When shopping for trendy footwear, it’s a smart move to consult Steve Madden Reviews to learn more about the latest styles, comfort, and durability of their shoes.

Steve Madden - Shopify Apparel Store

Customer feedback on Steve Madden footwear is largely positive, praising its fashionable designs, comfort, and budget-friendly prices. While some customers report potential wear and tear after regular use, many view the footwear as durable. Overall, Steve Madden provides a range of high-quality, diverse footwear options for consumers seeking both style and taste, solidifying its position as one of the Best Shopify Apparel Stores.

2. New Era Cap

New Era Cap - StoreLibrary Data

New Era Cap stands at the forefront of the Apparel and Sports industries, accurately recognizing the ongoing trend of online sales. In this industry, there is a continuous increase in demand for high-quality sports and leisurewear. New Era Cap effectively caters to this trend by offering a variety of hat styles and clothing, attracting a wide range of sports and culture enthusiasts.

The Shopify Apparel Store’s product categories encompass various hat styles, such as the 2022 Sideline Ink Dye 59FIFTY Fitted and 2022 Sideline 39THIRTY Stretch Fit, among others. This diverse selection not only suits different sporting needs but also provides customers with a wide array of choices, enhancing the website’s appeal.

New Era Cap - Shopify Apparel Store

New Era Cap’s pricing strategy appears competitive, often offering discounted prices to attract customers. For example, the 2022 Sideline Ink Dye 59FIFTY Fitted has an original price of $45.99 but is available at a discounted price of $21.50. This strategy meets customer expectations while maintaining profitability. The website’s feasibility is validated with an estimated monthly sales range of $201,000 to $300,000. Coupled with its recognition in the United States and its longstanding presence, it provides a solid foundation for future growth.

New Era Cap is at the forefront of the industry, not only understanding market trends but also attracting a wide customer base through diverse choices and a successful pricing strategy. This website is poised for continued growth, offering high-quality products to sports and culture enthusiasts and achieving sustained success.

3. Cupshe

Cupshe - StoreLibrary Data

Cupshe demonstrates a keen understanding of the evolving market trends within the Apparel industry. The website’s success can be attributed to its ability to resonate with a broad audience of women who appreciate quality, style, and affordability in swimwear. In an era where customers seek not just products but also a lifestyle, Cupshe aligns itself as a brand celebrating life, adventure, and fun in the sun.

The website offers a diverse range of apparel products, including swimwear and beachwear, as well as clothing like dresses and sweaters. The product variety caters to different customer preferences, making it appealing to a wide demographic.

When considering purchasing swimwear online, it’s advisable to check for a Cupshe Review to gain insights into the design, comfort, and overall customer experience with their products.

Cupshe - Shopify Apparel Store

Cupshe’s pricing strategy appears to be well-balanced, with competitive pricing for stylish and quality clothing. The incorporation of discounts, such as 15% off for purchases over $75 and 20% off for purchases over $145, incentivizes customers to explore more options. This pricing strategy aligns with market expectations and encourages customers to make multiple purchases, potentially increasing the average order value.

The website’s estimated monthly sales range from $3 million to $5 million, indicating its substantial success in the competitive online apparel market. Established before 2018 and headquartered in California, USA, Cupshe has solidified its presence in the industry. With an active status and a dedicated team of employees, the feasibility and sustainability of the business are evident.

4. Good American

Good American - StoreLibrary Data

Good American, founded in 2016, stands as the first fully inclusive fashion brand, co-founded by Khloe Kardashian and Emma Grede. The brand launched the largest denim collection in history, accommodating curves up to size 32, with various shapes and styles to ensure everyone finds suitable attire. In 2023, they introduced the “Always Fits” collection, innovating a one-size-fits-four denim design, and showcasing the brand’s innovation. Hoodies and “boyfriend” sweatpants are crafted from high-quality cotton knits and fleece, combining comfort and practicality, blending leisure with style.

The unique Always Fits technology enables “Good Mom” jeans to fit sizes 00-24, highlighting both comfort and diversity. The brand’s hallmark is high quality, sustainability, and innovative design, merging comfort with fashion, crafting new wardrobe choices for confident women.

Good American - Shopify Apparel Store

Good American prioritizes comfort and diversity, emphasizing quality and innovation, making it a confident fashion brand for women. With its fully inclusive size range, unique Always Fits technology, and ever-evolving designs, it provides consumers with more comfortable and liberating fashion choices. The brand’s vision, mission, premium materials, and innovative design concepts set it apart in the fashion realm. While shopping for new denim, it’s always a good idea to search for a Good American Jeans Review to ensure you’re making an informed decision on the fit and quality of the jeans.

Whether for everyday leisure or special occasions, Good American clothing consistently meets the needs of women, allowing them to radiate their best selves with confidence. The distinctive “Always Fits” technology further enhances the shopping experience, offering convenience and comfort, and becoming one of the brand’s standout consumer attractions. As one of the Top Shopify Apparel Stores, Good American shines as a pioneer in inclusive and innovative fashion.

5. Grunt Style

Grunt Style - StoreLibrary Data

Grunt Style LLC, founded in 2009 by a former Army Drill Sergeant with just $1,200, exemplifies the spirit of entrepreneurship and patriotism. Grunt Style’s product classification extends beyond apparel; it embodies a lifestyle that resonates with veterans and patriotic Americans. While the core offering is apparel, their products also include accessories, home goods, and outdoor gear. This diverse range appeals to a wide demographic and creates a sense of community among like-minded individuals.

Grunt Style implements an effective pricing strategy, making quality apparel and lifestyle products accessible to its customers. The website showcases both regular prices and sale prices, enticing customers with discounts and encouraging repeat purchases. This strategy aligns with the market’s expectations for competitive pricing. When looking for high-quality tactical clothing and patriotic apparel, it’s essential to read Grunt Style Reviews to get an idea of the product’s durability and customer satisfaction.

Grunt Style - Shopify Apparel Store

Grunt Style’s estimated monthly sales range from $6 million to $10 million, reflecting its substantial presence and success in the competitive online apparel market. Founded before 2018 and headquartered in Carol Stream, Illinois, USA, the company has established a strong foothold. With an active status and a sizable team of 201 to 300 employees, Grunt Style LLC demonstrates both feasibility and sustainability in the apparel industry.

6. Unique Vintage

If you’ve ever wondered how a passion for vintage fashion could turn into a thriving business, look no further than Unique Vintage. This timeless brand, with a rich history dating back to 2000, owes its success to a vintage-loving CEO and Founder, Katie Echeverry. Katie’s journey began with weekends spent scouring local vintage shops in her hometown of Burbank, CA, in search of the perfect retro dress.

Unique Vintage - Shopify Apparel Store

It wasn’t long before Katie realized she wasn’t alone in her love for all things vintage. In a bold move, she decided to start buying and reselling vintage styles on her very own website. Starting as a one-woman show, Katie established the first version of Unique Vintage’s online presence. Her garage even transformed into the brand’s inaugural warehouse, where her vintage finds were stored and prepared for sale.

Fast forward a few years, and Katie’s weekend passion project evolved into her full-time dream job. She began designing and selling her own vintage-inspired dresses under the Unique Vintage label, adding a touch of her own creativity to the world of retro fashion. Read more specific information in Unique Vintage Reviews.

7. Oh Polly

Oh Polly - StoreLibrary Data

Oh Polly’s journey began in 2000, when its vintage-loving CEO and Founder, Katie Echeverry, embarked on a quest for the perfect vintage dress by exploring local vintage shops in Burbank, CA. Realizing the shared passion for vintage fashion, Katie ventured into buying and reselling vintage styles on her own website. Starting as a one-woman endeavor, she launched the initial version of and even transformed her garage into the brand’s first warehouse. Check more information in this Oh Polly review.

Over the years, Katie’s passion project evolved into a full-time dream job, leading to the creation of her vintage-inspired dresses under the Oh Polly label. The brand’s success is a testament to Katie’s dedication to timeless fashion and her entrepreneurial spirit.

Oh Polly - Shopify Apparel Store

Oh Polly offers a wide range of retro-inspired fashion at competitive prices, making it a go-to destination for fashion enthusiasts. From the roaring ’20s to the radical ’90s, the store caters to every era, featuring classic silhouettes in skirts and dresses, including swings, wiggle, fit & flare, pencil, babydoll dresses, minis, midis, maxis, and more. They also offer retro pants, shorts, jumpsuits, and vintage-inspired tops, ensuring a comprehensive collection for vintage lovers.

8. Fashion Nova

Fashion Nova - StoreLibrary Data

Fashion Nova has garnered significant attention for its distinctive trends and wide-ranging selections, making it a standout name in the realm of Shopify Clothing Stores. Established in 2018, Fashion Nova has made a substantial impact in the market, earning recognition as one of the most popular fashion brands of that year. Customers have expressed high levels of satisfaction with their shopping experiences, particularly praising the brand’s top-quality offerings and the convenience of online shopping.

Fashion Nova - Shopify Apparel Store

While Fashion Nova has not been without its controversies, its unique style and diverse array of clothing options have attracted a vast consumer base. The brand transcends beyond merely clubwear and offers affordably priced choices. Shoppers are advised to thoughtfully select garments that cater to their specific needs and body types.

On the whole, Fashion Nova provides an extensive selection for those seeking cutting-edge fashion, and while it may have its share of challenges, it still deserves a place on one’s shopping radar. In summary, my evaluation of Fashion Nova is that it caters to a distinct target audience, akin to other fast-fashion brands. It might not necessarily be the ultimate choice for the fashion-forward, but it surely merits consideration! Learn more about this amazing Shopify store in our Fashion Nova review.

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9. Kill Star

Kill Star - StoreLibrary Data

KILLSTAR, based in the United Kingdom, stands out in the competitive apparel industry with its unique approach and captivating collaborations. With a store rank of 205 and an impressive 1.51 million total visits, it’s evident that KILLSTAR has carved a niche for itself in the market.

One of KILLSTAR’s remarkable features is its spring guest collaboration with the legendary Dario Argento, known as the “Master of Horror.” This collaboration not only showcases the brand’s innovative spirit but also highlights its ability to attract influential figures in the entertainment industry. Dario Argento’s iconic contributions to cinema, particularly during the 1970s and 1980s, have left an indelible mark on the horror genre, making this partnership a significant achievement.

Kill Star - Shopify Apparel Store

KILLSTAR’s product classification is characterized by a fusion of dark aesthetics and alternative fashion. The MAXIM PRIESTESS BLOUSE and MUSHROOM RITUAL EARRINGS are prime examples of their offerings. The pricing strategy seems reasonable, with the blouse priced at £62.99 and the earrings at £24.99. Additionally, offering free shipping on orders over £150 is an attractive incentive for customers.

The feasibility of selling KILLSTAR’s products appears promising, given its active status and estimated monthly sales of £1 million to £2 million. The brand’s ability to connect with a global audience, as seen in its collaboration with Dario Argento, suggests a strong potential for growth. KILLSTAR’s commitment to offering unique, alternative fashion in the apparel industry aligns well with market trends, making it a noteworthy player in the Shopify ecosystem.

10. Hello Molly

Hello Molly - StoreLibrary Data

Hello Molly operates in the fast-paced world of women’s fashion, where staying on-trend is crucial. The market trend in this industry is characterized by a constant demand for fresh and stylish wardrobe essentials. With over 100 new releases every week, Hello Molly positions itself as a brand that understands and caters to the evolving fashion preferences of its customers. Check more detailed information in our Hello Molly Review.

The product offerings at Hello Molly consist of a variety of dresses, as evidenced by the VLOGGER DRESS BLACK, HELLO MOLLY HAND ME A SPRITZ SEQUIN DRESS BRONZE, HELLO MOLLY PARTY IT UP DRESS BLUE, and more. These products cater to different occasions and style preferences, providing a wide range of options for shoppers.

Hello Molly - Shopify Apparel Store

The store’s estimated monthly sales of 301k – 500k and a substantial social media following suggest a strong feasibility for selling these products. Hello Molly’s ability to attract customers from over 100 countries indicates a global appeal, further enhancing its potential for success in the apparel industry.

11. Juicy Couture

Juicy Couture - StoreLibrary Data

Juicy Couture, with its Los Angeles heritage, incorporates high-end couture into everyday life and brings an element of surprise to all its designs. Positioned as a casual luxury brand, Juicy Couture aligns itself with industry trends, catering to the modern woman’s desire for both fashion and comfort. Trends in the industry indicate a growing preference for comfortable yet stylish clothing, a trend that Juicy Couture embraces.

Juicy Couture offers a wide range of sport and lifestyle apparel for women, girls, and infants, along with handbags, shoes, intimates, swimwear, accessories, and jewelry. Additionally, its fragrances are available at over 25,000 points of sale worldwide, showcasing the brand’s diverse product portfolio.

Juicy Couture - Shopify Apparel Store

While Juicy Couture’s total visits are relatively low, the brand estimates monthly sales ranging from $201,000 to $300,000. With a diverse product range covering various fashion categories such as apparel, footwear, accessories, and fragrances, Juicy Couture is likely to attract a broad target audience, further increasing its sales potential.

In conclusion, Juicy Couture, with its Los Angeles flair and diversified product lines, appeals to women globally, understanding the contemporary trend of blending fashion with comfort. Despite fierce market competition, the brand maintains a distinct presence in the casual luxury market.

12. Frankies Bikinis

Frankies Bikinis - StoreLibrary Data

The beachwear industry is experiencing a surge in demand, with consumers seeking stylish and inclusive swimwear. Frankies Bikinis aligns perfectly with this trend by offering fashion-forward designs and a wide range of styles catering to women of all shapes and sizes. The brand’s expansion into ready-to-wear clothing, accessories, athleisure wear, and clean beauty products reflects an understanding of the evolving market trends.

Frankies Bikinis stands out for its diverse product range, including swimwear, ready-to-wear clothing, accessories, athleisure wear, and clean beauty products. This wide selection allows the brand to provide customers with a comprehensive beach-to-street wardrobe. Collaborations with influential figures like Pamela Anderson, Sydney Sweeney, and Gigi Hadid have elevated the brand’s appeal and diversified its offerings.

Frankies Bikinis - Shopify Apparel Store

The brand positions itself in the mid to high-price range, which aligns with its image as a fashion-forward beachwear and lifestyle brand. While offering premium quality and innovative fabrics, they maintain competitiveness with other similar brands. Frankies Bikinis also incentivizes customers by offering a 10% discount on their first purchase upon signing up, encouraging repeat business.

Frankies Bikinis’ estimated monthly sales fall between $3 million and $5 million, indicating a healthy customer base and market demand. The brand’s presence in renowned retail boutiques like Victoria’s Secret, Revolve, and Free People, as well as collaborations with influential women, enhances its feasibility in selling products. The website’s average visit duration of approximately three minutes suggests an engaged audience.

Frankies Bikinis has successfully tapped into the beachwear and lifestyle industry’s current trends with its inclusive approach, diverse product range, and collaborations with powerful figures. Their steady monthly sales and strong online presence position them well for continued success in the market.

13. Shop The Mint

Shop The Mint - StoreLibrary Data

The fashion apparel industry is continually evolving, and Shop The Mint is capitalizing on this market trend. They provide a range of clothing styles, including dresses, rompers, shorts, jeans, kimonos, cardigans, and chic footwear, catering to the diverse and ever-changing style needs of their customers. Additionally, they offer a girls’ clothing collection designed for ages 7-14, showing their commitment to serving the entire family. With a focus on offering on-trend transitional styles, they adapt to the evolving world of fashion.

Shop The Mint offers a diverse range of product categories, including Tops, Dresses, and a Girls’ Fall Edit. This diversity allows customers to find various clothing options all in one place, saving them shopping time and offering convenience.

The brand provides stylish yet affordable clothing, reflecting their pricing strategy. They attract customers by offering high-value products, many of which are in the mid-price range. Furthermore, they incentivize first-time customers with a 10% discount on their initial purchase, encouraging them to become repeat customers.

Shop The Mint - Shopify Apparel Store

With estimated monthly sales ranging from $301,000 to $500,000, Shop The Mint demonstrates a robust customer base and market demand. The brand’s website records an average visit duration of approximately two and a half minutes, indicating customer interest and extended engagement. By offering high-quality fashion apparel and focusing on customer experience and service, they enhance the feasibility of selling their products.

Shop The Mint is a diversified, reasonably priced, and steadily performing fashion boutique. They meet the demands of the ever-evolving fashion market by offering a variety of styles, high-value products, and a focus on customer service and experience.

14. Motel Rocks

Motel Rocks - StoreLibrary Data

Motel Rocks’ website reflects the ongoing market trend in the fashion industry – providing attractive discounts and promotions to engage customers. Their “30% OFF EVERYTHING END OF SUMMER OFFER” aligns with the strategy of offering seasonal discounts, which is a common practice in the fashion industry to clear out inventory and attract budget-conscious shoppers. lt capitalizes on the trend of offering limited-time promotions to create a sense of urgency and drive sales. Also check our Motel Rocks Reviews to find more features of this platform.

The website offers an option for customers to pay in interest-free installments using Clearpay. This payment flexibility aligns with the strategy of making fashion more accessible to a broader audience. It caters to customers who may prefer spreading their payments over time rather than making a single, large purchase upfront.

Motel Rocks - Shopify Apparel Store

Motel Rocks’ estimated monthly sales range from £3 million to £5 million, indicating a robust customer base and significant market demand. The website’s impressive average visit duration of approximately four and a half minutes and a high number of pages per visit (8.55) suggest strong user engagement and interest in their products. This indicates a high level of feasibility in selling their products.

Motel Rocks demonstrate an effective strategy by aligning with industry trends, offering diverse products, and providing flexible payment options. Their robust sales figures and user engagement levels make them a formidable presence in the competitive apparel industry.

15. Draper James

Draper James - StoreLibrary Data

Draper James is an apparel website that beautifully embraces the essence of Southern heritage and style. Draper James taps into the enduring trend of Southern-inspired fashion and lifestyle. It leverages the idea of timeless Southern style that resonates not only with Southern residents but also with individuals across the United States. This approach aligns with the growing appeal of regional and heritage-based fashion.

The product range on Draper James includes a variety of clothing and accessories. They offer dresses inspired by Southern elements, casual dresses for various occasions, and a selection of accessories such as crossbody bags and comfortable heels. This diverse product classification caters to the fashion needs of their customers, providing them with a wide range of options to choose from.

Draper James - Shopify Apparel Store

Draper James has established itself as an active player in the apparel industry. With an estimated monthly sales range of $201k – $300k and a notable number of monthly website visits, it demonstrates a strong presence in the market. The average visit duration and pages per visit suggest that customers engage with the brand’s offerings, indicating the feasibility of selling their products.

Draper James successfully taps into the enduring appeal of Southern-inspired fashion and lifestyle. Its diverse product range, affordability, and strong online presence make it a viable player in the apparel industry, catering to a broad audience with a penchant for Southern charm.

16. Beginning Boutique

Beginning Boutique - StoreLibrary Data

Beginning Boutique is an online retailer in the apparel industry. Its founder, Sarah, began operating the business at the age of 21 without any prior experience or knowledge in e-commerce or fashion. Initially, it was all about trying something different, testing new theories, and connecting with their customers. Some ideas were successful, such as their amazing early pop-up stores, while others were not as successful.

In 2008, when online shopping wasn’t even a common thing, Sarah dreamed of creating an online community where people looked forward to weekend deliveries and experienced exceptional customer service at their fingertips.

Beginning Boutique - Shopify Apparel Store

Beginning Boutique offers a wide range of clothing in various colors and brands, covering multiple types such as black, white, pink, blue, floral patterns, and more. Their product line is highly diverse, catering to different styles and occasions.

Beginning Boutique is an online fashion brand that has been continuously growing over the years. It stands out with its diverse product line, attractive pricing strategies, and excellent customer service, providing stylish choices for weekend events. While facing stiff competition in the market, the brand has established its position in the industry and continues to attract customers from various regions.

17. Culture Kings

Culture Kings - StoreLibrary Data

Culture Kings ( emerges as a striking example of Top Shopify Apparel Stores, captivating the attention of street fashion enthusiasts globally. Founded in 2009 by the couple Simon and Tah-nee Beedle, this brand originated as a single store on the Gold Coast and has progressively expanded across Australia, establishing itself as an internationally recognized fashion destination fueled by the influences of sports, fashion, and music.

Uncompromising in their dedication to quality materials, sustainable manufacturing, and ethical treatment of workers, Culture Kings presents products at a relatively higher price point. The brand stands out through its exclusive styles and a distinctive shopping experience. The inclusion of The Vault further enhances the experience by offering exclusive accessories, enabling you to elevate your ensemble to new heights.

Culture Kings - Shopify Apparel Store

In light of consumer reviews, Culture Kings boasts a commendable reputation on social media and review platforms, attaining high scores. While occasional negative feedback may touch upon customer service and order-related concerns, the overall credibility of the brand remains strong. Therefore, if your pursuit involves a unique, stylish, and sustainable streetwear fashion brand, embarking on the Culture Kings journey is unquestionably worth considering.

This Culture Kings review provides an insightful and detailed examination of the brand’s products, services, and customer experiences.

18. Gymshark Official Store

Gymshark Official Store - StoreLibrary Data

Gymshark Official Store is a prominent player in the apparel industry, known for its focus on fitness and active lifestyle clothing. Despite its relatively recent founding in January 2023, Gymshark has quickly become a recognizable brand.

The fitness and activewear industry has been experiencing significant growth over recent years, driven by the increasing emphasis on health and wellness. Gymshark, with its mission to unite the conditioning community, is well-positioned to capitalize on this trend. The company’s growth in a short period demonstrates the strong demand for fitness-oriented apparel.

Gymshark offers a range of fitness apparel designed to meet the needs of athletes and fitness enthusiasts. Products like the “Sweat Seamless Leggings” and “Sweat Seamless Long Sleeve Crop Top” cater to those looking for stylish yet functional workout wear. The emphasis on seamless designs and vibrant colors aligns with contemporary fitness fashion trends.

Gymshark Official Store - Shopify Apparel Store

Gymshark adopts a premium pricing strategy for its products. While the prices may be higher compared to some competitors, they are justifiable due to the brand’s commitment to quality and performance. Gymshark’s reputation for producing durable and stylish fitness wear contributes to its ability to command higher prices.

Gymshark’s estimated monthly sales, despite being in the range of 101k – 200k, indicate a healthy customer base. The brand’s impressive social media following and international reach underscore its appeal to a global audience. The growth of Gymshark’s employee family and offices in multiple regions reflects the company’s expansion efforts and strong market presence.

19. Baltic Born

Baltic Born - StoreLibrary Data

The fashion industry has been continuously evolving, with a constant demand for beauty and uniqueness. Baltic Born Clothing taps into the market’s demand for timeless styles and inclusive sizing, which is a significant trend in today’s fashion market.

The brand offers a diverse range of clothing, including dresses for special occasions. They are known for their products with classic silhouettes, beautiful colors, and inclusive sizing, catering to women’s needs for special occasions.

Baltic Born - Shopify Apparel Store

Baltic Born Clothing adopts a mid to high-end pricing strategy, which aligns with the high-quality and special occasion nature of their clothing. While their prices are relatively higher, the uniqueness and timelessness of their products attract consumers seeking high-quality fashion.

The brand estimates monthly sales in the range of 3 to 5 million, indicating a significant market presence. Their diverse product line caters to different sizes and occasions, helping them attract a wider customer base. By offering timeless and unique fashion choices, Baltic Born Clothing has found success in the competitive fashion market.

Unlock the fashion secrets of Baltic Born through our candid Baltic Born Reviews. Dive into a world of elegant dresses, cozy sweaters, and glamorous rompers, and discover why Baltic Born is a go-to destination for style-savvy shoppers. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to explore firsthand experiences and decide if Baltic Born is your next fashion destination.

20. Ever Pretty

The fashion industry is continuously evolving, and Ever Pretty excels by staying ahead of the curve. They design dresses that harmonize with contemporary trends yet possess timeless qualities, catering to a broad audience’s diverse style preferences.

Ever Pretty’s product range is vast, offering thousands of styles and over fifty colors to cater to various occasions. Their collection includes on-trend evening gowns, wedding dresses, bridesmaid dresses, and more. This diversification allows them to appeal to a wide customer base with distinct needs.

Ever Pretty - Shopify Apparel Store

The company adopts a competitive pricing strategy, making stylish and affordable dresses accessible to all. In addition to a wide range of sizes from 04 to 26, Ever Pretty provides an exclusive custom sizing service. This dedication to inclusivity and affordability enhances their appeal, ensuring that every woman can find her perfect-fitting dress without breaking the bank.

Ever Pretty’s extensive experience, global reach, and commitment to affordable customization make them a formidable player in the fashion industry. Their blend of contemporary trends and timeless designs positions them for continued success, making their dresses an attractive choice for women worldwide. With a focus on quality and accessibility, Ever Pretty is poised to thrive in the fashion market.

For further reading and more insights on Ever Pretty Reviews, you can explore a variety of user testimonials and in-depth analyses available on numerous online beauty and fashion platforms to gain a more comprehensive understanding of the brand’s products and customer experiences.

21. Windsor Store

Winds Or Store - StoreLibrary Data

Windsor believes in the eternal beauty that transcends time and trends. The fashion industry constantly evolves, but the desire to feel beautiful remains a timeless need. Windsor recognizes this enduring trend and strives to provide women with fashion that empowers and enhances their beauty.

Windsor offers a diverse range of apparel suitable for various occasions. Their product line includes dresses, like the hard-to-miss mini dress mentioned, designed to make a statement and boost confidence. They cater to life’s significant moments, from proms to job interviews and weddings, ensuring women are dressed beautifully for each event.

Windsor Store - Shopify Apparel Store

Windsor appears to adopt a mid-range pricing strategy, making fashion-forward clothing accessible to a broader audience. This approach aligns with their commitment to making beauty achievable for all women.

With over 200 physical stores and an online shop, Windsor has established a substantial presence. Their enduring commitment to helping women feel beautiful, combined with their accessible pricing, positions them well in the competitive apparel industry. The steady flow of website traffic and active status indicate their continued relevance.

If you’re interested in learning more about Windsor Store and gaining additional insights into their products, customer experiences, and overall performance, you might find it helpful to explore a Windsor Store Review for further reading suggestions.

22. Pink Lily

Pink Lily - StoreLibrary Data

The fashion industry is increasingly embracing e-commerce, and Pink Lily’s story is a testament to this trend. With a rapidly growing online presence and a focus on community engagement, the brand taps into the desire for personalized and community-driven shopping experiences.

Pink Lily offers a diverse range of apparel, footwear, and accessories, catering to women’s fashion needs. This comprehensive product classification allows them to serve a wide customer base and stay in tune with changing fashion trends.

Pink Lily - Shopify Apparel Store

Pink Lily appears to adopt a competitive pricing strategy, offering a mix of regular-priced and sale items. This approach aligns with the desire to make fashion accessible and affordable, especially to its community of women.

Pink Lily’s impressive growth and its ability to transform from a passion project into a thriving business highlight its feasibility in the market. Their commitment to customer engagement and community-building has likely contributed to their success.

For those seeking additional insights and comprehensive information, especially pertaining to the Pink Lily brand and its wide range of products, including apparel, accessories, and more, as well as detailed assessments and customer experiences, it is highly recommended to explore the Pink Lily Reviews as further reading suggestions. These reviews offer valuable perspectives, personal accounts, and in-depth analyses that can assist consumers in making informed choices and maximizing their shopping experience with Pink Lily.

23. Vuori

Founded in 2015 in Encinitas, California, Vuori aims to embody the intersection of fashion, fitness, surf, and climbing/hiking. This unique combination resonates with many Californians who find fulfillment in multiple hobbies.

Vuori is a distinguished performance apparel brand that initially gained recognition in the fitness industry with its shorts. Since its establishment, the brand has consistently released clothing collections tailored to various lifestyles, including running, training, yoga, and travel, so the store has become one of the best Shopify apparel stores.

Check more information in our Vuori guide.

24. Camille Lavie

Camille Lavie - StoreLibrary Data

Camille La Vie emphasizes the beauty and significant moments in the fashion industry by providing exquisite evening dresses. The brand not only offers high-quality fashion products but also contributes to society by gifting prom and wedding dresses to non-profit organizations.

A prominent trend in the fashion industry is the focus on sustainability and social responsibility. Camille La Vie actively engages in social responsibility initiatives by donating dresses to non-profit organizations. Additionally, high-quality evening dresses have consistently been a popular product in the fashion industry.

Camille La Vie primarily focuses on evening dresses and formal wear, emphasizing the fashion needs for special occasions. This concentration helps the brand establish a reputation in a specific niche.

The pricing of Camille La Vie’s products appears to be competitive, reflecting their desire to offer value for high-quality evening dresses. Furthermore, they provide discounts to attract more customers.

Camille La Vie successfully associates its products with social responsibility by giving back to the community and providing high-quality evening dresses. However, the brand may need to strengthen its online presence and social media outreach to attract more customers, especially in the competitive evening dress market.

25. Affliction

Affliction - StoreLibrary Data

The fashion industry trend has been shifting towards unique and artistic clothing, and Affliction has successfully capitalized on this trend. The brand’s focus on creating premium, artistic, and unconventional clothing has set it apart from traditional fashion brands.

Affliction specializes in a wide range of clothing categories, including tees, denim, knits, wovens, and outerwear. Their product range showcases their creativity and craftsmanship, appealing to individuals who appreciate artistic fashion.

Affliction - Shopify Apparel Store

Affliction’s pricing strategy appears to target the mid to high-end market, reflecting the premium quality and unique design of their clothing. They have invested significantly in developing innovative techniques, such as garment washes and inks, which contribute to their pricing strategy.

Affliction has established itself as a brand dedicated to pushing the boundaries of clothing design. Their investment in manufacturing and washing facilities demonstrates their commitment to quality and creativity. While they have a dedicated fan base, their highly graphic and unique products may not appeal to everyone. However, their focus on artistic expression and premium quality positions them well in the competitive fashion industry.

26. Alo Yoga

Alo Yoga - StoreLibrary Data

Alo Yoga primarily specializes in yoga clothing and activewear. Their product range includes items like tennis skirts, skorts, and mini skirts, designed to provide comfort and functionality for various physical activities, not just yoga. This diversified product line caters to yoga practitioners, fitness enthusiasts, and those seeking comfortable athleisure options.

Alo Yoga appears to adopt a premium pricing strategy. Their product prices reflect the brand’s commitment to quality and style. While they offer products at a higher price point, customers are likely to perceive added value in terms of comfort, performance, and contemporary design. You can also gather more information about this store in our Alo Yoga review!

Alo Yoga - Shopify Apparel Store

Alo Yoga has achieved impressive success with its focus on yoga-inspired activewear. The brand’s ability to bridge the gap between studio and streetwear has resonated with consumers. With a solid online presence and an estimated monthly sales range of 501k – 1M, Alo Yoga has proven its feasibility in the competitive activewear market. Their commitment to mindful movement and a beautiful, forward design has allowed them to capture a wide customer base, from dedicated yogis to fashion-forward individuals.

27. 12th Tribe

12th Tribe - StoreLibrary Data

12th Tribe is making a name for itself in the pursuit of blending fashion with affordability, offering customers a diverse range of clothing choices. The market trend in this industry indicates that modern consumers increasingly value convenience and reasonable pricing in their shopping experiences. 12th Tribe successfully caters to this demand by providing fashion products that are both stylish and reasonably priced.

12th Tribe focuses on offering a variety of clothing types, including dresses, tops, outerwear, and accessories. Their product line covers everyday casual wear, party attire, and activewear, providing a wide array of options for various occasions. This diversity helps attract a broad customer base, ranging from fashion enthusiasts seeking trendy looks to casual consumers looking for comfort.

12th Tribe - Shopify Apparel Store

They frequently offer discounts and promotions, allowing customers to purchase high-quality clothing at more affordable prices. The discount rates on their products are typically quite generous, appealing to value-conscious consumers. This pricing strategy helps boost sales and build a loyal customer base.

Their online presence is strong, with estimated monthly sales ranging from 3M to 5M, indicating their viability in attracting customers and driving sales. Furthermore, they have built a strong social community on Instagram, showcasing customer photos wearing 12th Tribe clothing from head to toe, which helps spark the interest of potential customers. If you are interested in this online store, our 12th Tribe reviews can provide more information!

28. Allbirds

Allbirds - StoreLibrary Data

Allbirds specializes in footwear, offering a range of shoe styles for both men and women. Their product line is distinctive for its use of sustainable materials, particularly merino wool and tree fiber, setting them apart from many traditional shoe manufacturers. This focus on using natural materials aligns with the growing consumer demand for environmentally responsible products.

Allbirds - Shopify Apparel Store

Allbirds employs a competitive pricing strategy that reflects the quality and sustainability of their products. While their shoes may be priced slightly higher than some conventional footwear brands, customers are willing to pay a premium for eco-friendly, comfortable, and stylish shoes. Allbirds often offers sales and discounts on their products, making them more accessible to a broader audience. This pricing approach combines affordability with sustainability, attracting a wide range of customers.

Allbirds’ success is evident in their estimated monthly sales, which fall within the range of 11M to 20 M. Their commitment to sustainable practices, innovative use of materials, and stylish designs resonate with consumers who prioritize eco-conscious choices. Check our Allbirds review to see this amazing store!

29. ModCloth

ModCloth - StoreLibrary Data

ModCloth is a fashion brand renowned for its diverse and inclusive ethos, making it a standout name in the realm of Shopify Apparel Stores. It has created a warm and welcoming community known for its embrace of everyone, regardless of size, skin color, gender, disability, or sexual orientation. The brand is dedicated to offering an extensive selection of styles ranging from XS to 4X in size, and it actively contributes to society by supporting charitable organizations such as The Trans Wellness Center, The Pink House, and The National Domestic Violence Hotline.

ModCloth - Shopify Apparel Store

At ModCloth, shopping is more than a mere transaction – it’s an invitation to become part of a nurturing community. Customers not only discover clothing that suits their personal style but also become cherished members of a community characterized by love and support. The brand’s diverse size offerings and meaningful charitable collaborations create a truly unique shopping experience for consumers.

Furthermore, customer feedback provides invaluable insights for shoppers. Setting itself apart from many other brands, ModCloth curates a selection from multiple boutique brands, potentially resulting in variations in sizing. As customers select the perfect style, their firsthand experiences can serve as valuable references for fellow shoppers, aiding them in making informed decisions regarding the right clothing sizes. You can also check our Modcloth review to get more information about this store!

30. Pinup Girl

Pinup Girl - StoreLibrary Data

Pinup Girl Clothing specializes in vintage-inspired apparel, offering a wide range of dresses, coats, jackets, and other clothing items that evoke the classic pinup look. Their designs aim to empower women of all shapes, sizes, and backgrounds, making them feel beautiful and confident.

The pricing strategy of Pinup Girl Clothing appears to be focused on offering high-quality, sustainable, and unique garments at competitive prices. While specific prices are not provided, the brand seems to cater to a wide range of customers, ensuring that vintage-inspired fashion remains accessible and affordable.

Pinup Girl - Shopify Apparel Store

Pinup Girl Clothing’s commitment to body positivity and inclusivity aligns with the growing trend in the fashion industry toward diversity and authenticity. By embracing a style that transcends age, shape, and size, the brand has positioned itself to appeal to a broad customer base. However, the challenge lies in effectively marketing their unique vintage-inspired products to reach their target audience.

Conclusion of Shopify Apparel Stores

The apparel industry is a dynamic and competitive arena, but with the right strategies and a deep understanding of the market, your Shopify store can shine as brightly as a designer masterpiece. As you’ve seen, staying attuned to market trends, exploring profitable product subcategories, implementing effective traffic-boosting techniques, and mastering product selling strategies are the keys to creating a thriving apparel business.

In your journey towards fashioning success, don’t forget the importance of creativity, innovation, and perseverance. By harnessing the power of data-driven insights from StoreLibrary Data and infusing your unique style into your Shopify store, you can set yourself apart in the crowded fashion landscape.

Your journey to becoming a fashion e-commerce mogul begins here. Stitch together your passion for style, your entrepreneurial spirit, and the strategies outlined in this article, and you’ll be well on your way to weaving a successful story in the world of apparel on Shopify. Embrace the limitless possibilities of fashion and start crafting your future today!

Shopify Apparel Stores FAQs

Are There Any Sustainable or Eco-Friendly Options Among These Best Shopify Apparel Stores?

Yes, many of the top Shopify apparel stores prioritize sustainability and eco-friendliness. Some brands use ethically sourced materials, sustainable manufacturing practices, and eco-conscious designs to cater to environmentally conscious consumers.

Do These Stores Offer International Shipping?

Many of the top Shopify apparel stores provide international shipping, allowing customers from different parts of the world to enjoy their products. Shipping options and fees may vary depending on the store and the customer’s location.

How Can I Ensure the Quality and Authenticity of Products When Shopping from These Stores?

To ensure quality and authenticity, it’s recommended to read customer reviews, check for any certifications or authenticity guarantees provided by the store, and research the brand’s reputation. Trusted stores often have transparent information about their products and sourcing practices.

Can I Return or Exchange Items Purchased from These Shopify Apparel Stores?

Most of these stores have return and exchange policies outlined on their websites. It’s important to review the specific terms and conditions for each store, including timeframes for returns, conditions of the items, and any associated fees.

How Can I Stay Informed About the Latest Trends and Releases from These Top Shopify Apparel Stores?

To stay informed about the latest trends and releases, you can subscribe to the stores’ newsletters, follow them on social media platforms, and regularly visit their websites to explore new collections and updates.

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