Is AliExpress Fast Fashion – Are There Fake Stores on AliExpress?

AliExpress, renowned for its competitive pricing, has established itself as a prominent player in the global e-commerce industry. So is AliExpress Fast Fashion? Despite its extensive range of products, it is worth noting that AliExpress also serves as a platform for fast-fashion enterprises. In this article, we delve into the realm of fast fashion, examine AliExpress’s involvement in this sector, and introduce some noteworthy fast fashion brands that deserve your attention.

What Is Fast Fashion?

Fast fashion refers to affordable and trendy clothing that takes inspiration from runway shows and celebrity culture. These ideas are quickly transformed into garments to meet the ever-growing demand of consumers. The main goal is to bring the latest styles to the market as soon as possible, allowing shoppers to grab them while they are still highly popular. Unfortunately, this also means that these clothes are often discarded after only a few uses.

The concept of fast fashion reinforces the belief that repeating outfits is a fashion mistake, and to stay fashionable, one must constantly sport the newest looks. However, this system contributes to the harmful cycle of overproduction and excessive consumption, making the fashion industry one of the leading contributors to pollution worldwide. So is Aliexpress ethical to use? You can check our guide about this.

Is AliExpress Fast Fashion?

Most shoppers may not immediately associate AliExpress with fashion. However, a brief exploration of the platform reveals that it is, in fact, a thriving fast-fashion enterprise. Let me explain why.

AliExpress offers a dedicated category where shoppers can easily find fast fashion items. This category is constantly updated to showcase the latest designs, perfectly aligning with the essence of fast fashion.

The clothing items available on AliExpress meet the standards of fast fashion. They are not only affordable but also reflect the latest fashion trends. This ensures that customers can effortlessly purchase trendy clothing at pocket-friendly prices.

While fast fashion items on AliExpress are not necessarily of low quality, they are not designed to be timeless pieces either. Customers generally rate these items well, but it is not uncommon to come across reviews mentioning minor quality issues. These issues are a reflection of how fast fashion prioritizes quantity and trends over meticulous attention to detail.

Does AliExpress Only Sell Fast Fashion?

No, AliExpress doesn’t just offer fast fashion items, it goes beyond that. While it’s true that there are plenty of trendy and affordable options available on the platform, AliExpress also caters to those seeking high-quality and sustainable fashion. You’ll be pleasantly surprised to find a wide range of such items listed in various categories.

Are There Fake Stores on AliExpress?

Stay informed and stay safe when shopping on AliExpress by being aware of these common scams:

  • Fake Sellers

Be cautious of sellers with low ratings or negative feedback. They may be selling counterfeit goods or items that will never be delivered. And there are some possible reasons why Aliexpress takes so long to ship.

  • Bargain Bait

If a product’s price seems too good to be true, it probably is. Scammers often list products at unrealistically low prices to attract buyers.

  • Phishing Scams

Be wary of emails claiming to be from AliExpress asking for personal information or payment details. AliExpress will never ask for this information via email.

  • Disappearing Seller

Before making a purchase, check the seller’s history, reviews, and ratings. Some scammers close their accounts after receiving payment, leaving buyers with no recourse.

  • Ship-And-Switch

Always compare the delivered item with the original listing. Scammers may send a different or cheaper item, hoping buyers won’t notice. Report any discrepancies. You can check this guide to find the possible reasons why is Aliexpress so cheap.

  • Fake Tracking Numbers

Monitor the tracking information for your package. If it doesn’t update or seems suspicious, contact the seller or open a dispute.

  • Payment Outside Of AliExpress

Scammers may ask you to make payment outside of AliExpress using methods like direct bank transfer or Western Union. Always make payments through the platform to ensure protection.

  • Counterfeit Products

Be cautious of sellers offering counterfeit goods or products that infringe on intellectual property rights. Carefully review product details and buy from reputable sellers.

  • Store Credit Scams

Some sellers may offer store credit instead of refunds for issues with your purchase. However, this store credit may have limited or no usability. Be aware of this before accepting.

  • Unreasonable Return Demands

Scammers may ask buyers to return defective items to international addresses, resulting in high shipping fees. Be cautious of sellers who make unreasonable return demands.

How AliExpress Ranks?

Please note that AliExpress is not included in our list of the top dropshipping companies. However, it’s important to acknowledge that AliExpress offers several advantages such as affordable prices, free shipping, and no membership fees. Nevertheless, there are alternative dropshipping solutions available that excel in various aspects.

One of the main disadvantages of AliExpress is the potential for quality issues, along with slower shipping times and limited support. Although opting for another provider might require a slightly higher investment, the overall experience is usually more satisfactory and justifies the higher price point.


Fast fashion can be a bit of a mixed bag for customers. Some have concerns about its impact on the environment and the quality of certain items. On the other hand, many people appreciate fast fashion because it allows them to stay stylish without breaking the bank.

When it comes to AliExpress, there’s a silver lining. You can find a wide range of fast fashion or sustainable fashion options, depending on what your customers prefer.

But we understand that navigating through the vast selection of fashion items on the platform can be overwhelming. Don’t worry though, we’ve got you covered. As certified AliExpress agents, we can help you find exactly what you’re looking for. We can even take care of order fulfillment and provide other logistical support for your business.

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